For Builders/Developers

Landscape construction at Radford LandcarftTrees bring saleability to new development, particularly in the environmentally conscious Pacific Northwest. Keeping existing trees alive and healthy during and after construction though, can be a challenge. It often fails without a protection plan in place and effective monitoring during construction.

Radford Landcraft understands the juggling act that a builder goes through to develop a site on time and on budget at the same time as trying to keep as much of the natural integrity intact. Trees can often seem an obstacle to the process. We can help by developing tree protection plans that are practical and communicating to all parties on the project the importance and pragmatism of keeping to the plan. Effective sustainable development needs to be a team effort.

Tree permitting for removal or pruning is also extra work for the builder in many communities. That process can be expedited by understand the tree codes and what is required. We also do tree inventories, mitigation plans and noxious weed evaluations necessary for building permits in some communities.

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