For Homeowners

For the homeowner, our services include:

  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Garden coaching
  • Disease/pest diagnostics
  • DIY technical help
  • Project management
  • Tree/construction protection plans
  • Tree evaluations for hazard and value

Want to learn how to prune the apple tree in your yard? Need some technical advice on how to start a do-it-yourself landscape project at home? Garden coaching is like having your own personal tutor on-site. With 30 years teaching experience, owner Loren Radford not only has technical expertise but also the expertise to teach it so you walk away knowing how to do it. Learning by doing.

Birch tree inspection at Radford LandcarftWhat’s eating notches out of my rhododendron leaves? Why is my Douglas fir suddenly dropping needles? Radford Landcraft offers disease/pest and hazard tree evaluations. Loren Radford is a certified and has consulted on projects from small residential to large commercial.

Coaching and evaluations are charged on an hourly rate. Pruning is charged either by hourly or lump sum bid (larger projects). See Service Area & Rates section for current prices.

Radford Landcraft also offers project management services helping homeowners obtain and review competitive bids on their landscape projects and overseeing for the owner quality and completion of projects. If you are building a residence on a wooded lot, we can help you set up a tree protection plan to insure trees are alive and healthy long after your home is built.

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