Chainsaw Kitsch


Example 4', 12" dia,, Doug Fir, that went for $225.00. This is a typical Moai that is easily carve from existing log stock. For sizes higher up to 7' add $30/foot of added height


Could ancient Polynesian people have once lived in you yard? People just might think that with one of these Easter Island statues (Moai) in your yard. All moai are custom carved from Doug Fir or western red cedar in heights of 4' to 6". They can come with or without butter clamshell eyes, at no extra expense.

The example to the left, I call Laurel and Hardy Moai's, Left one is 5' high, 14" dia, Doug Fir; Right one is 3' high from a 30" butt log of a red cedar.

Disclaimure: These will not last as long as the stone Moai.

Candy Cap

17", Doug Fir, in stock


13", Doug Fir, In stock.

King Bolete

Price: $60, In stockPrice: $60, In stock13" high carved of Red Alder. In stock.

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