Chainsaw Kitsch

Geoduck (Goo-ey Duck)

Native Pacific Northwest giant clam. Here's one you don't have to dig 3 feet deep to get. 32" high. Carved from Red Alder. This is one clam that'll last forever and won't stink up your yard.

Bee Skep

Here's one beehive that won't swarm, you don't need to treat for mite, and you don't have to feed in the fall. This old fashion bee skep is carved from Doug Fir and stands between 12 - 14".

Safety First

There's no better way to say you care to an accident prone friend or family member than with this 5' high red cedar crutch on an inspirational pedestal that lovingly reminds them to watch where they're going.

Chewed Cherry - Oregon Chewed Fruit Series

, 14", Red Alder. Comes with cute, cuddly fruit fly worm. In stock. Rebar lawn stake on bottom at no extra charge

Pecked Pear - Oregon Chewed Fruit Series

. 22" high, Doug Fir. In stock. Can come with a rebar lawn stake on bottom for no extra charge.

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