Chainsaw Kitsch

Shipwreck Insurance

In today's world of worries, we often forget the concerns that are really important and close to home . . . like an oil supertanker running aground on our property. With this 5' tall lighthouse equipped with low voltage lamp, we we can go to sleep knowing we won't wake up to find our home is a Superfund site. With it's powerful 10 watt, 12 volt lamp, it can be seen by ships passing in the night from 30 feet away. Custom carved.

Miss Muffet Tuffett Table

In stock. 18" H x 16" W, Doug Fir. Makes a great kid's tea table, adult foot rest or anything else you'd use your typical tuffett for.

Salmon Bones

Here's one fish carcass you can put on your wall and won't stink the place up.~ 4' long, Custom carved, Doug Fir.

Chopping Block

Cedar Axe on Alder Stump, In Stock. Axe handle can be personalized with your name in ink Goudy font for +$10.

Derriere Chair

This 24" high, 24" diameter, 150 lb. stool is carved from Doug Fir. You won't find one of these at the Ethan Allen store. You can moon friends and neighbors simply by sitting in it.

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